Great for wedding invitations, corporate events and parties.

Our invitation cards and stickers allow you to attach a video physically to the invite and collect RSVP information. TfM products have a wireless NFC chip inside, so the invitee can play the video invitation wirelessly and RSVP right from the invitation card. The RSVP form can be customized, so you can relay anything you like for the event such as location & registry information and collect your custom RSVP information.

As your invitees view your video invite they can RSVP right from their smartphone and you’ll have access to your updated attendee list at your fingertips. You can even keep track of additional custom information, all consolidated for you in a friendly real-time report in the dashboard.

– Up to the minute guest attendance information
– Share event directions, maps, registry links or other event related information
– Include a video in your RSVP invite
– Collect Dietary & Meal selection information
– Customize your data collection with your RSVP
– Dashboard for viewing customized reports for analysis and monitoring event
– Export the data collected anytime

Perfect for planning and executing any event!


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TfM Invitation For Any Event


Video Invitation Sticker with NFC Chip
Party Invitation Card
Any Event Invitation


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