What is a Greeting Id?

Greeting Id is unique to each greeting, it uniquely identifies your greeting. To activate your greeting you need the activation code that is provided with the product so you can assign your video message. It is case sensitive. Our embedded NFC chips also have this unique Greeting Id programmed for each of the products.

What is the activation code?

Activation code is associated with a Greeting ID. It is required initially for activation of your greeting or to reset your greeting. It is provided with the products (sticker, card, hang tag, gift card sleeve), generally found on the back of the item. On stickers it is found on the back or on the sticker’s adhesive layer, and on the plastic pvc hang tags, it is printed on the back with scratch off layer.

How long can my greeting message be?

We allow maximum 70MB size of video message to be uploaded, that translates to 60 sec in recording on high resolution phones. The exact maximum message time depends on the Smartphone. As technology is improving, newer Smart phones are offering higher and higher resolution when capturing video. An HD video takes more space, which will allow a 60 sec recording, but lower resolution can give you 90 sec. We recommend using 30 seconds or so for the best experience of the party playing your message.

Who can play my greeting?

The only person who can play your greeting is the person in possession of the gift with your attached greeting sticker, tag or gift card sleeve. The greeting ID is unique; it privately and uniquely identifies and associates your video. Each product (sticker, card, hang tag, gift card sleeve) has a unique Greeting ID. If you have enabled sharing in your activation preferences, then your video can be shared on social sharing platforms such as Facebook. Its up to you who you would like to share your Greeting ID with or not.

Can I enter the URL in any browser?

Yes, all the latest versions of browsers support video greeting play back and greeting upload/activation.
If you are using older browser versions, any browser should be able to play the greeting, however to activate the greeting by uploading the video you need to make sure you are using the minimum version identified in the browser support FAQ below.

What are the occasion themes?

Occasion theme displays an occasion related image before playing the video. There are occasion themes for all major occasion. Send us a note if you would like us to add others. The way it works is simple. For instance, if you select a “Happy Birthday” theme, you will see an image at the start and end of the greeting video message with candles and balloons, depicting the occasion. You can take a look at all the occasion theme images available on our site.
How long is my greeting kept? When does the greeting expire?

There is no set expiry. The greeting after activation is kept for a minimum of 6 weeks, if it is actively being played or watched. It is extend for another 6 weeks from the last play. If not viewed within 6 weeks, then it is removed.

How do I enable sharing?

In the activation process, you will be prompted with the Greeting preference and an upload screen. From there you can select the social sharing check box. This will allow the greeting message recipient to see a “Share” icon on the top left of the video after playing the greeting. If clicked they will get the option to share on social networks with a ‘Like’.

Why is my upload taking so long when I activate?

Check your Internet connection If the message is long, consider using a Wi-Fi Internet connection in place of a cellular Internet connection.

What if my Smartphone does not allow me to select an audio file?

Some Smart phones do not allow to select audio file for upload, in which case, you can use the desktop browser to activate by having an audio file available on computer, alternatively you can record a video message on your Smartphone and select “Audio” as ‘message type’ in preferences; this will extract the audio portion from the video file uploaded and only the audio will play with no video displayed.

Why can I not click on the image to ‘select video’ file or to record?

The browser or Smart phone OS you are using does not support it. Update your OS or browser to the latest version. See compatibility list. For instance iPhone with iOS 5 will be able play the greeting as it supports video playback, but to upload video or activate greeting, you will need iOS 6+ to select a file or record.

My upload or activation gives an error?

Possible causes could be that the Internet connection is weak on your cellular network or the file is over 70MB in size or the file format being uploaded is not of video format supported or the file is corrupt.

How do I reset to change my greeting? Or replace my video greeting?

You can reset you greeting by entering the URL http://www.tapformessage.com/greeting/reset
This will take you to reset screen, where you will be prompted for Greeting ID, Activation Code and sight word verification. After a successful reset, you can set the preferences, and select or record a new video greeting.

What file formats are supported?

Video formats “AVI”, “MOV”, “WEBM”, “MP4”, “MPE”, “MPG”, “WMV”,”FLV”, “3G2”, “OGG” are supported.

Audio formats MP3 and AAC are supported.

 What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communications, the technology allows for NFC enabled smartphone’s to interface with other NFC devices by bringing the phone in close proximity. Our products have a NFC (Near field communications) chip embedded, which allows NFC enabled Smart phones to interact in a contact-less way with our products with the built-in wireless technology of your phone. NFC chips do not require power, unlike some other wireless technologies such as bluetooth, and are invoked with a tap when in close physical proximity of less than 12 cm.

 Do all your products have NFC chips?

Yes, we manufacture Sticker, Tags, Gift card sleeves, Cards, and all have NFC chip.

 What if I don’t have NFC enabled phone?

No problem, We provide other options to invoke the products as well, such as scanning the QR code or directly entering the URL in the browser found on the products, all you require is browser enabled device with an Internet connection.

What if I don’t have a Smartphone?

No problem, you can still use our products, through any device with a browser and an Internet connection. For example you can use a tablet, such as an Ipad or your home computer/laptop and enter the URL directly provided on our products to send or play the greeting.

How do I know my phone has NFC?

You can take a look on your Smartphone settings. Go to the network wireless setting preferences, and look to see if a NFC option is listed. It will be similar to enabling blue-tooth on your phone. You can also check you smart phone manual.

Below is a list of NFC enabled phones.

 What phones support NFC?

See http://www.nfcworld.com/nfc-phones-list/

What phones support QR Code? How do I use QR Code?

Generally all smart phones with a built-in camera are capable of scanning a QR Code. You will need to download a QR app, which are freely available for your phone. When you start the QR app, it will use the Smatphone’s camera to scan the QR Code.

What Smartphone OS’s are supported for playing a greeting?

All the latest OS for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iPhone are supported.

If you have an older version, you can update or make sure it’s above iOS 4+, Android 2.2+, BBOS 7.0+ and WinPho 7.5+.

What Smartphone OS are supported for uploading or activating greeting?

All the latest OS for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iPhone are supported.

If you have an older version, you can update or make sure it’s above iOS 6+, Android 4.0+, BBOS 7.0+ and WinPho 7.5+.

What desktop browsers are supported ?

All the latest versions of all major browsers are supported. If you have an older version, make sure your browser version supports HTML5.

We recommend the following versions and above that support HTML5.

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox 7+
  • Chrome 15+
  • Safari 5+
  • Opera 11.5+