Content on demand!

Our Tap for Info product line consist of the same patent pending technology. We offer stickers with a NFC chip embedded that we customize to display you desired content.

This solution is perfect fit for Museums and Zoos.

These are round stickers carrying our symbol, that can be placed easily on any artifact, object, plaque or board. We offer stickers that are suited for all weather conditions, and special metal adhesive stickers as well.
Imagine your that visitors can tap with their phone to get additional information on your museum artifact. You can provide the history, additional pictures, and a lot more context which you are unable to due to the plaque or board size limitations.

Similarly for Zoos, you can now provide details on the animals such as natural habitat, diet, in action videos, pictures, and other relevant data to educate the visitor and engage the children. There are times the animals are not in the open and visible, its perfect to show case the close up videos of such animals to provide a fulfilling experience during the visit.