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We live in an age where technology has become part of our daily lives. With social media and the internet, we use technology that improves every facet of our lives and gives us unlimited avenues for self-expression. Now the next generation of greetings has arrived! Introducing Tap For Message.

Our patent pending technology allows you to send a video/audio message with your gift.

Just tap to attach a video greeting, or to play a message you have received. Tap For Message products contain an NFC chip inside to interface with your smartphone. It is simply wireless and contactless.
NFC Chip inside

Very simple to use, you can attach a video directly from your smartphone (can use pre-recorded video or record live) by just tapping on the products wirelessly. No app required, and the built-in themes cover all occasions in one. We also provide QR code and direct URL access on the products so all devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, …) are covered.

The person receiving your gift will have your personalized audio/video greeting play on their smartphone instantly by just hovering or tapping on the products. Imagine the surprise they’ll get with the gift!


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