Take Gift Wrapping to another level!


Promote an exclusive offering about your store to your customers. Attach Video Greetings on gifts purchased at your store.
If you sell products in your store that can be given as gifts, and do not want to carry a whole greeting card store to address all occasions, we have the solution.

Our solution is perfect for retail stores. Now you give your customers the one stop shopping experience where they can buy a gift at your store and have a greeting card for any occasion attached.

Our products are for all occasions and can be delivered in any language, since they can attach an audio or video along with the gift. They do not take up much space. Most of our stickers and hang tags are the size of a credit card. Due to the products capability and uniqueness, customers will be attracted to your store for a better experience.

For retail stores that offer gift wrapping services, attaching their customers audio or video message is a great compliment to the existing service. It is perfect fit for the luxury products market.