Improve your customer’s experience

Add digital content to your products that customers can access anytime. Lower your customer service calls, provide information that can not be included easily. Offer incentive to customers while they are shopping or value statements about your products that differentiates your product or company. Make it easy for customers to access instructions, warranty, product literature, even allow them to register the product directly from the Smartphone and book service calls. Go Green!


Customize and display any content about your products

We provide an end to end solution, from customizing stickers/tags for placement on your product / packaging, integrating with your systems, hosting and displaying your content when invoked by sticker or tag. We can integrate with content hosted on your site or we can host the content for you.

Enable easy access to information about your product

Promote your product with content that is generally hard to access and give your consumers better experience
Some of our clients use the stickers to :

  • Provide video assembly instructions
  • Online¬†registration
  • Warranty information
  • Product specifications
  • Online manuals
  • Pricing
  • Special offers, promotions and rebates
  • Sales and product videos

Tap For Info

The products are available in paper, plastic PVC, Epoxy coated PVC with hang tag ties, rivet holes or adhesive at the back. We can also customize for your needs.

Call (347)-MSG-TAP4 for more information