Online Retailers

We offer integrated solutions so you can quickly offer your customers the ability to send video greeting along with their online gift purchase. Our solution can seamlessly integrate into your site and the customer, while remote, can attach their video greeting to the gift purchased for delivery.

Storefront Retailers

Stand out from the competition. You can offer your customers the ability to purchase gifts from your store and attach a video greeting to go along with it. The greeting stickers/tags offer a unique service to your customers over traditional greeting cards. The greeting hang tags are for any occasions, making your store a one stop shopping place.

Particularly great for Flowers



Our products compliment all types of retail stores, great fit for flower shops, traditional Drug-Food-Mass-C-Stores carrying greeting cards and also for retailers that have limited room for larger floor displays. Our products are credit card size and cover all occasions in one hang tag. Gift stores, flower shops, department stores, boutiques, electronic stores, and mall kiosks are also ideal for our offerings.

Great for Flowers!


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