Our Mission

Our goal is to leverage technology to enrich people’s daily lives. Bringing a smile to their face, and information to their fingertips. We take the complex and make it simple, our solutions are for everyone.

Who we are

Tap for Message is the pioneer of audio and video greetings, a Canadian based company that brings an innovative way to attach a video greeting to your gift or invitation.
Our team consists of dynamic individuals with exceptional experience in growing start-ups to managing fortune 500 companies. The synergy among us drives quality, innovation and creativity, and the result only fuels our passion more.

What we do

We are bridging the gap between digital media and the traditional paper based greetings, invitations and announcement cards. The two existing mediums of message delivery currently face challenges. Digital media with timing, and traditional paper based cards with personalization.
The social media messages delivered using Facebook™, e-greeting, email or SMS cannot accompany a gift. Although the message can be personalized using a digital medium with pictures, audio or video, timing is still an issue. Alternatively, traditional paper based greeting cards are good at delivering a message in a timely fashion, however they lack the same level of personalization available on digital media platforms. Tap for Message provides the ability to make a more personalized greeting by attaching a video message to deliver with your gift. It offers timing, sophistication and creativity to your greeting.
We Manufacture Video Greeting Cards leveraging our patent pending technology that allows anyone to attach a video to any physical product wirelessly. We are the first and only company to offer this unique capability.